Project Description

Colour Mood-boards. The first thing I’ve ever learnt to do.
I started my career in Fashion at Carlin Group International. A colour creation agency and world renown trend forecasting agency.

Mood board are everywhere. After all, an entire social network is created around them.

Creating mood-boards is a perfect way to gather documentation and trend drivers on a season, a style or a specific domain of design. I have always used them to kickstart any project. My mentor used to tell me that documentation is 50% of the work. Hence, any creative request that I receive, if applicable is first approach by documentation. I attached here 2 colour mood-boards I created for editorial needs. The first one is for Fall Winter 18-19 and the second one takes its roots in the Pantone® Colour of the year 2020. You can see my usual workflow. First collecting inspiration and relevant documentation on the subject. Then comes the extraction phase: From these documentations I extract every colour represented. After every colour is sampled, I work from a collection of swatches, extract the most interesting colours, refine the colour values and finally create and name every colour. These 6-7 colours will then be my colour drivers for the season.