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  • 27 Aug 2013
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In 2010 a Los-Angeles based company was founded around the idea of creating a professional networking tool for the fashion and modelling industry.
When I arrived in 2011 in Frenetic Design Studio, we received rough specifications and a name. ModelHub.

It was up to me to design the visual identity, the website and every needed support of communication, including investment brochures.
Unfortunately for Frenetic Design Studio, during the design process, the game-changing flat design fashion which was non existent in 2010-11 took place and gave ModelHub a major set-back, putting the mobile app on hold.
After a complete redesign and refocus on ModelHub’s primary features, the website was launched in 2013 hand in hand with professional models for USA, France, Spain and Italy.
It contains unique features, like a professional-connections creation tool, advanced messaging and casting booking systems.

Once the design finished, I added to Art Director the responsibilities of part time Community Manager, and the team and I made of ModelHub a success story.
Upon rapid growth and largely increase presence on the social networks, ModelHub was sold in december 2013 and Frenetic Design Studio dismantled.

Images displayed: Photographer: Jérôme Gimenez and Model: Klemence Sweet Tooth on ModelHub.