St Brooklyn Motorcycles

  • Graphic Design
  • 13 Jul 2015
  • St Brooklyn Motorcycles

To put things simply, i’m into custom motorcycles, I’m from St brieuc, Britanny.
Those two things I have in common with Ludwig Ascher, from St Brooklyn Motorcycles.
When I saw this independent Workshop had no developed brandi identity, I could not resist asking him to let me do it.

He did not come to see me. I went to see him. I asked to take care of this. The result was a brand identity I had great pleasure to work on, a cool, modular logo.
And an on going partnership to develop a fresh spirit.

Long live the Kings.


Added are some pictures of the fantastic work L’atelier 902 did with this logo for St Brooklyn Motorcycles. Thanks to Jean-Baptiste Buchoux for the pictures.